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Originally Posted by Dragonhammer View Post
I love online matchmaking, you can create a squad with your friends in the lobby and at the push of a button your in a nice full server with no lag.
And when your alone just push one button and go what more do you want.
I guess it depends on how many friends you have.

When we play with other TOG in Australia, it's not difficult for us to have a server full of guys. What we then had to do was create two teams of 8 then co-ordinate a join then cross fingers that IWNet would join both of our teams together. Occasionally it would work first go. Most times it would take 3-6 attempts to get it going (and 5+ minutes of farting about).

If another friend came along and wanted to join and we had non-TOG taking up spots, we could politely ask they leave (which was rare that they actually would) or we'd all have to back out and start the whole mess again.

On top of all that, many occasions we would drop a person or two in trying to match two teams together.

Australia home internet isn't renowned for it's upload speeds. Full server = lag for at least one person on the best hosts + a distinct advantage to whoever is hosting.

Most of that would be alleviated if we could get everyone to agree to join a 'private server' but there was always someone that wanted to level up.

Any game that I'm going to primarily play multiplayer utilises that method of 'matchmaking' will equal an instant no sale from me.
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