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E3 2011: Battle Mii Wii U Preview - Preview

Review and video from Gamespot that includes a video that shows some gameplay and introduces the new gamepad with alot more detail.

When xbox and Sony started bring out the motion senses there was some concern as to how Nintendo would compete with them. Basically...they're not. Instead of continuing to focus on the motion sensor aspect of the Wii Nintendo has introduced a whole new gaming concept. Ok...yes the controller does look alot like a traditional control with a screen but it goes alot further than that. It almost has the feel that Nintendo is aiming it's marketing more towards the handheld market rather than the console market. With that in mind I decided to run this past my 8 year old son who is a major Wii fan but also has a DS that I sometimes feel is an implant of some kind because it seems to be permenantly attatched to him.
The excitement level was extremely high. The idea that, if his sister wanted to watch the tv he could still play! causes lots of bouncing and excited, high pitched chatter. Typical of Nintendo the new controller also brings alot of interaction. This is not a sit on the couch and watch the screen type of controller...this is a get up and move controller.
From an educational point of view....spatial awareness and hand eye co-ordination are biggies. You are not just pushing a button to stop that arrow coming in from your left, you must turn your body and raise the controller like a shield. Watching things going from the tv screen to the screen on the controller also requires a level of awareness.
Is it game-breaking....not sure. I can definately see it's appeal, but it will probably still only appeal to those who already enjoy the Wii. I do not see droves of xbox and ps3 players leaving those consoles to get this one. I do see the potential for die-hard handheld users to be drawn to this and to get alot of enjoyment from it.

My kids have already expressed a desire to have one. My daughter (who is not a gamer ) even put her hand up for it after she saw them drawing on the controller with the stylus. And I think that is where it's major appeal is - variety. Nintendo really does know how to engage it's users and get them involved in many different aspects of the games.

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