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Default Who likes zombie survival games?

Me! Pick me!

Here's one I'm keeping an eye on. Haven't been able to play yet due to their current lockdown, but it looks right up my alley.

Project Zomboid | The Zombie Survival RPG

Edit: They have a demo torrent available and from my first three games I gotta say, they are well on the right track. It's already thoroughly enjoyable and actually quite thought provoking.

My first game I died quickly to a zombie I tried to beat up with a hammer.
Second game I died to a shotgun wielding thief.
And the latest attempt I was doing great! Found a baseball bat and managed to fend off a few zombies. Gathered a goodly amount of supplies from surrounding houses, but on day three all was lost to a horde of zombies as I tried to drag my wife from a burning building!!

The basic premise is the classic zombie apoc. Except they state from the start, this IS the apocalypse. There will be no round two, no getting out, the game will end with you dying.

It's well designed, has good music, and is very atmospheric. I was standing inside my house one night in one of the games above, too awake to sleep, too scared to go out, pacing from window to window trying to catch a glimpse of any zombies outside.

This game is going places!!
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