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Default The shrine of the block

One dark and stormy night, a man returned to TOGopia, after a short journey away. When he returned, he noticed that he now possessed great powers.

He tested this power by bestowing a gift upon a fair maiden of the town. Outraged at such a "common" gift, and displeased with his unnatural and mighty powers, she summoned the great Gods.

The Gods stripped the powers from the man, stating that his elevation to blue was a mistake, and was not meant to be. Returning him to his former, lowly red status.

The fair maiden was left with this ill-gotten, "a bit cheaty" gift. A testament to the great power that the poor man once held. So, she set off to the great desert of the South to gather some sand. With it, she built a shrine, and placed the gift she had received upon a glass platform, so that all may gaze upon it, and be forever reminded of the great gift she had been given, but could not accept. The generosity of this one man, who had used his great powers for this one small token.

This single stone block, a reminder of what once was.... shall stand there.... solitude....
...... for eternity.......

(or until a creeper blows it up)


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