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Hi fellow RPG'ers,
Been looking for some Online RPG groups get my D&D fix.
Anyway there have been some post here about Virtual Tables for playing, even WotC are making there own (if you want to subscribe to it, costs more then WoW)

But on my Quest to find some cheap and easy to use systems i came across RPGTonight site which is nice and simple.

Not only can you play and/or run your own campaign the rooms stay open (for those that have the password for the campaign) can play over an extended time without the GM being online (Turn by Turn Basis ) ideal for those who can not play all at the same time.

I'm currently testing how it all works and i'll post an update soon on that.

But feel free to pop on and have a look around , also there is a "Lurk" mode where you can watch games that are running.
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