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Default TOG NS2 Clan Team

Lads, those of you that know NS2 will know that it is already getting some feisty action out there and that NS2HD has started casting clan matches. Sure the game isn't finished yet, we are still waiting on the Onos, Jet Packs, Heavy machine guns and power armour to be added but the game play is pretty awesome already.

Myself and Mako have started chatting about pulling together a TOG team already seeing clan matches are already starting up. We have a few guys who are quite keen but this is a notice to peeps that this is an amazing blend of RTS and FPS shooter and more TOG team play is going to make it fantastic.

Support indie developers, grab the beta if you haven't already or just check out the match in the link above and if you like what you see then jump on in.

If you have some interest and aren't quite convinced just yet - post up so we know and can help to persuade you to 'get involved!'

Peace out.. Geng
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