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Just wanted to follow up on what Geng said and say hi from myself. This Indie title has been in development for some time now by a small team in San Francisco and already has more Aussie server support than most finished titles out there. It is still in Beta at the moment and as such there are a few quirks you have to forgive but it is definitely playable and getting better all the time. We should see a new big patch by the end of the week. It really is an ideal time to get involved in this one, support Indie developers and feel like you own a little bit of it. A lot of the big house productions lack soul, this title has it in spades. The mix of Aliens vs Marines with RTS and FPS elements is quite unlike anything else out there, it has its own engine and some quite lovely graphics.

The original game was a HL1 mod and I played it loads, mainly as the RTS style commander so for the TOG Clan I will be jumping in to that role initially. This isnt an exclusive position and should someone demonstrate real strategical talent would be great to get another commander for the team. Geng will initially be field captain relaying the status of the battle from the ground and informing the commander whats needed to make the troops happier.

Let us know whos keen and we can start arranging evenings for playing a few public games and getting the feel for it and each other.

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