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Originally Posted by Xavien View Post
since all the new final fantasy games still seem to go microsofts way as well as sonys
lol what? The 360 got one inferior FF13 port and I doubt the 360 version of XIII-2 will be much of an improvement. Meanwhile Versus XIII is still a PS3 exclusive, the PSP has had the 2 Dissidia games, Crisis Core and several remakes of older FF titles. The only reason the 360 saw FFXIII at all is because Sqaure Enix are trying to rebrand themselves outside of Asia.

I think you underestimate how big the Final Fantasy series is in Japan, and how much they hate the Xbox 360. Sony is more popular in Japan and therefore will be the home of Final Fantasy for a long time to come.

I wouldn't worry about PS4 now though, going by the current cycles it should be another 3 years away.
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