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According to amazon final fantasy XIII-2 will be released on the Xbox 360 at the same time as the PS3, lets face it microsoft have an unlimited amount of money pretty much so if they want Versus XIII they will have it unfortunately. As for the bad port of XIII, i cant say there as i dont have an 360 or know anyone who has played it on the 360. I remember it being a PS3 exclusive originally and being really ticked off when i heard it was going to be released on the 360.

As for being rebranded outside of Asia that kinda sounds like corporate politics, lets face it who hasnt heard of square enix world wide anyway? Especially with the take over of Eidos for the new Tomb Raider games, its more like they were offered just to much money to say no.

I do appreciate japans dislike of the 360 and although im not a massive fan of SOE (no problems with their electrical stuff including the PS3) i do like the fact that all FF games get on Sony's consoles past and present.
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