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No worries Snahl, I will be pumping out some vids soon (need to clean the haggis out of my hard drives!)...

You will however want to be playing this. I have been struggling to spread the love around all the recent releases also (Brink sadly has been shelved!) but NS2 is going to be a very awesome addition to your collection without a doubt. Given their full support of modding (the map editor is available BEFORE the game is even finished!) you see their own engine and technology is going to be available for people to build their own games just as they did with NS on the original HL1 engine!

Love the philosophy, they have a very close connection with their community due to the popularity of the original mod and they intend to give back plentifully to that community. They are almost entirely funded by preorders for the game, have been working on it full time for about 3 years and are developing a lot of their own technology including their own engine.
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