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Default In pursuit of Dr. Stefan Moriarty... (pic heavy)

Recent news has come to the Constabulary at TOGland Yard that there have been events most peculiar near Jacques Holiday Cabins, a place that used to be popular for those who wish to escape from the noise and pollution of the modern world (Tectonicus Map). Because of what they have learnt, they have closed the cabins to the public.

The cabins in fact have not been well used of late, but the police were called when a family reported seeing a wild beast on the island. Much to their surprise, the constables found that this beast was in fact a man who had a face and mannerisms that more resembled those of a pig than those of a human.

On investigation, they found that they could communicate with this pigman, though only in a crude manner. In fact, much of what they learnt came in the form of sketches and short phrases. It was hard to interpret so they called in the skills of retired Inspector Lestrade. Eventually he came to the following conclusions.

The pigman was once a visitor to the cabins who had been going for a night stroll down by the beach. However, his memory of the remainder of events was vague. The next thing he can remember was waking up on a bed in an unknown location. He saw something above his head but on the edge of his vision he saw flames and the churning water. There was a loud crackle and he fell unconscious again.

His next memories were from being in a cage. The pigman kept growling whenever he referred to the cage but Lestrade was not sure what was meant by that. Obviously he somehow escaped but the pigman provided no further information on where he came from, nor how he got back to the island.

Looking at documents and maps relating to the area, the Inspector saw that there was a bridge from the cabin island to a private residence that was once owned by a Dr. Moriarty. Lestrade knew nothing of this Doctor, so he wisely called on his friend, Professor Quentin E. Deverill, a man of science who TOGland Yard occasionally utilised on moments like this. Deverill told that Dr. Stefan Moriarty was a scientist who had been evicted from the Royal Society for his cruel experiments on animals (and it was rumoured inhabitants of TOGville). For this Moriarty was a dangerous man, who had developed strange devices in his pursuit of knowledge, understanding and power over the biological condition.

And so I must report that Lestrade is rather tentative to enter the home and laboratories of Dr. Moriarty. The land around it is undeveloped. The Inspector fears that there may be many wild beasts there, perhaps some stranger than the pigman. He also expects that Moriarty will be prepared their arrival, for word of the pigman has been reported in amongst the local press and the height of the cliffs should give the Doctor fair warning of any that approach. Consequently, if Moriarty does not surrender, he will either fight back or flee. And for that, Lestrade suspects that the Doctor will have many options. For every Plan A or B, there will always be a Plan C.

This is the tale of my area on the Survival server. Like my Creative server creations (, I like to make a story for what I make. Moriarty's place is not finished (needs more decorating) but enough has been made to make it clear what each room's purpose sort of is.

If you wish to visit, you will have to walk or travel by boat. From Spawn, the water route is sort of marked by occasional small barber pole-style pylons. The remoteness and lack of skyroad or railway is intentional. I strongly recommend you bring weapons for there are many wild creatures and mobs around the area. Also, be careful, for the Doctor may be devious in many ways. There are 5 doors that allow entrance into Moriarty's complex from outside and one cave exit. These are plan A. However, there are also 2 other ways for Moriarty to escape. These are plans B & C. Plan C is my main construction. However, your challenge will be to find out how to get to it and survive the trip. You shouldn't have to build or mine anything but make sure you have a weapon and food.

ps. Start a thread about your own constructions, finished or not. People won't come visiting if they don't know where to go.

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