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Originally Posted by Kaimahi View Post
Sounds good although the irony of no one dying in the trailer is this part in the new article

'The lethality of weapons is being increased, and the general pacing of combat is being sped up to be more in line with modern shooters such as the Battlefield series'

Not sure about this change I actually liked PS1s pacing I think it was one of the reasons the battles were so huge. I also liked Sanctuary (the HART system could be improved for sure) but sitting in Sanc getting everyone together to roll out was fun.
This, my fondest battles in PS1 were ones that raged for an hour or more in open terrain, each side giving then gaining ground as they fought hard down a natural terrain corridor. One of which was over a long bridge, each on one side trying hard to get across and establish a beachhead, using blow up tanks for cover. Another just fighting along a road through a causeway, fighting tree to tree trying to move slowly forward.

Fun times
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