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No big deal or concern here. It's what they've had from third party applications since BF2 first came out. Good info, presented clearly is almost always a good thing.

It does of course give stat-padders something to aim for, but that' just part of Battlefield anyway.
That is the downside. While I haven't played Brink to the extent of others, I have noticed more willingness to achieve objectives with no regard to virtual death which was very refreshing.

I had a crack at BC2 yesterday on a Rush map. 3/4 of my team were wookies camped well back, and two of us were trying to sneak in to plant explosives. It was an impossible task. Even the defensive team were getting annoyed that only two of us were attacking and sledging the crap out of us. End of the round, I bailed. Just wasn't any fun.

I'd settle for a kill statistic without a death statistic. The moment they made that a ratio, it was turned into the benchmark that compared your performance against others and unless you compete solely in Team Deathmatch, it's largely arbitrary. I'd rather have a 0.5 beside me attempting to achieve an objective than a 4.0 wookie-ing it up on a hill 1km behind me.
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