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SOE is really pushing the idea of wanting to make PlanetSide 2 into a full “sandbox” game in the future, with EVE Online as the most-sourced comparison. There will likely be a heavy emphasis put on the economy side of gameplay. It’d be interesting to see if increasing resource production is a particular specialty that leader-type characters could do.
PlanetSide 2: what we know so far | PC Gamer

This sure sounds like the fix many mmo enthusiests of the past have been waiting for.

Warrender, that video was darn awesome! Back when effective communication / structure was far and few in guilds/clans - It sure set apart those who won and those who lost.

Thanks for sharing! Anyone who played DAoC on the Guinevere server, Docoloth was a VVV leader of rvr raids... Simply leaves me jonsing for the next real rvr setting where intel wins!

Great video!
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