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Default For MadMax - The day of the Squids

I don't know what the deal was the other day, but there were squids EVERYWHERE!

My place is full of aqueduct sort of things, and there were squids popping up all over the place, even though they are 1 block deep and 1 block wide.... it was bizarre

King Squid, buggs out ontop of the complex... surveying the landscape

One squid plays in the water on the lower level, while one's just about to use the waterfalls as a waterslide...

Ohh, he's looking so sad, he's stuck out of the water

2 more squddies having a party

Squid tries, unsuccessfully, to negotiate the ladder....

There were 3 squids here! hanging out in the water for my indoor garden! (water filtration perhaps?)

These 2 guys were doing laps I think.... (the one on the left is in the lead!)

Superman Squid...

... I didn't have the heart to kill them... until it just got too creepy with squids everywhere...

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