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Default Looking for a great fantasy TBS game

I still play Age of Wonders 2 (modded up with Dwiggs 5.0 and the new unofficial 1.5 patch) but the game is now nearly 10 years old. For a long time now I've been looking for a replacement game but nothing comes close - so I keep loading it back up. This has been my favourite game since it was released and I'd love to find something a little more modern.

Games I've played (with a bit of an out-of-5 smiley rating are):
Age of Wonders (modded as above)
Civ4 with Fall from Heaven 2 mod
Dwarf Fortress
Battle for Wesnoth
Heroes of Might and Magic 5
Fantasy General (will no longer play on my system though)
Elven Legacy (no random map generator)
Elemental War of Magic (massive disappointment but maybe the next rendition will be better)
Disciples 2

So is there a gem of a game out there I'm missing. Random map generation and multiple races etc are important to me. I've got the beta for HoMM6 but while it looks good it doesn't look like the next big game for me. Before release I thought Elemental would be awesome but it has been beyond disappointing.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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