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Default Evony on TOMAHAWK server

Hi fellow TOG members,
Currently playing Evony a free to play MMO RTS.
You start with a town you build into a castle, build resources and build/upgrade structures to run more efficiently.
Raise an army and create defences, dominate NPC castles and land aswell as attacking other players.
You have heros you level and get gear for etc....the game is very indepth and requires you to be in an alliance to survive.
I have created a TOG alliance and so far its me (evergrind..awaiting tog name change) and Awesome.
We have moved our castles close to each other on the world map and would like to have more TOG members play on the server and move into our neighbourhood.
Would like to build a strong alliance and coordinate wars against other alliances and protect each other.

Evony website
Evony-Free forever
Evony Forum
Evony Community - Powered by vBulletin

I would like to see this become a division.
Post here if your interested and ill answer any questions you may have.

Thankyou for your time.
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