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Default TOG community on Evony Age 2

Hi all,
A status update on the TOG community for Evony Age 2.
We are up and running and the game is a lot better then Age 1, now you do not lose castles but simply get colonized.
What this means is someone defeats you and then becomes a partial owner of your castle and can take 20% of your resources and troops per day.
You may think this as a bad thing but it's not....our community members are currently colonized by an alliance named Ambiance , an American Alliance.
With 98 members they are strong and protect all players colonized by them.
After negotiations we have come to an agreement, they will protect us under colonization until our numbers are greater and our strength bigger then they will allow us to take back out castles and join them as an alliance protecting ouR part of the land.
They have also agreed to not take any troops from our castles unless we up rise against them during our colonized state.
This means all new TOG members on our server will be protected to grow.

If you wish to join us and want to find out more send me a PM
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