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Originally Posted by Reoh View Post
You cna tell it to use more memory? !

Here's my batch file (mine2.bat) to make it run at up to 2 gigs. This particular command allocates 1gig starting memory, and sets 2gig as the max. Memory in-game (F3) will show about 50 meg lower than is allocated, due to overheads.

start javaw -Xmx2048M -Xms1024M -jar d:\games\minecraft\minecraft.exe

Note: The last part there (d:\games\minecraft\minecraft.exe) is the absolute path to your minecraft executable. You'll have to edit it as appropriate. Put "marks" around the path if it involves spaces. (eg. "d:\games\mine craft path with spaces\minecraft.exe")

xmx is the max memory allocated.
xms is the starting memory allocated.

Never set xmx to more than 3/4's of your system memory, though 2gigs should be plenty.

For XP and Vista users - just drag the .bat file to your Quick Launch bar and away you go. Maybe choose the Minecraft icon for it.

Windows 7 users can't pin batch files to the task bar.
In complete contradiction, here's the easiest way for Windows 7 users to pin the batch file to the task bar:
1. Ensure the batch file is in the same folder as your Minecraft executable.
2. Pin Minecraft.exe to your taskbar.
3. Right click the icon, then right click Minecraft, and click properties
4. Change the target from minecraft.exe to the name of the batch file (eg, mine2.bat)


PS. Ye gawds, I edited this post like 10 times as I found easier ways to do things.
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