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But Warhammer is not really an arena style IP, it's about huge epic battles. At least that's how I see it.

Nercomunda on the other hand seems a perfect fit for this style of game. Unlike Warhammer or 40K, Necdromunda already has an XP and levelling system for each individual team/gang member in your group, even the territory resource gathering and spending mechanics that you play out in between each battle would translate over well into a game like this (you had to purchase weapons/gear with money gathered from your territories that non-wounded gang members worked after each round). It's been begging for a video game translation for years as it has all the same mechanics of persistent online RPGs fleshed out already - what it's never really had is an extensive amount of law (apart from loose 40K ties) so it wouldn't make a good MMO without a lot of writing but a persistent multiplayer team vs team style game seems like a match made in heaven.

Sadly, when I look at this I can't help but see such a brilliant opportunity being squandered.
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