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Default Star Trek Online going Free2Play!

Courtesy of our good friends at Kotaku.

The free-to-play model being applied to Star Trek Online really isnít all that restricting to free (silver) players, something that might annoy those that plan of shelling out $US14.95 a month for gold status. Free players are limited to two character slots instead of three; 48 inventory and bank slots as opposed to 72 and 96 respectively for paying players; and they wonít be able to create new missions using the gameís Foundry system, though theyíll still be able to play player-created content to their heartsí content.
I kind of enjoyed the game back in beta but didn't feel it was "ready" at launch. They've had a bunch of "seasons" of episodic content added since then along with a bunch of new features so I'm looking forward to shipping out and checking out how the game has changed.

How about you?

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