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Updates on that spawning, and other stuff. Mostly good news.

Higby: Squad-spawning is an ability you have to have; we have a cert-tree that’s completely redesigned from the original Planetside, so squad leadership is a cert-tree, and squad-spawning can be unlocked through that, and that has different levels too. So the first level, you can only spawn on the squad-leader, the second you can spawn on anybody in the squad; there’s timers that get reduced as you increase that ability too.
Makes me feel a little better though frankly it's of such tactical significance I'd be shocked if almost everyone didn't make that a priority to get almost immediately.

I know I'm getting way ahead of time but such is the level of my enthusiasm for this game I was already wondering about how TOG will be getting involved - what outfits we'd have and so on. Looks like there might, in light of the quote below, be some important decisions about the faction to choose too (though I get a feeling that the old PS1 TOG guys wont even want to think about it).

Higby: It’s the same world, but we’re doing a revisioning of the entire thing. The storyline is starting from where Planetside 1 started, we’re not following it up. We’re redefining what Auraxis is and spending a lot of time redefining the roles of the factions. Factions in PS2 are super-important, not just the red team versus the blue; they play the game in a completely different way. We’re creating very distinct motivations and lore for the factions, so they have their own reasons for doing what they’re doing and hating the other factions, and that all feeds into their gameplay types and the types of people who will enjoy playing those factions.

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