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Hi guys,

My wife and I created a fun Tetris game for iPhone/iPod Touch this summer
If you like Tetris you're going to love our little STaCKaH.

For the main engine behind the game I was able to re-use a lot of my old HaCKeR code (PC Tetris game). But where the old PC game used 10 (and later 20) levels you had to finish in one go (with saving/loading), I needed to redesign the game for the "quick 5 minute play" style of the iPhone.

Therefore I decided to go for more but shorter levels. Each of which has a unique look, thanks to my wife who drew them all by hand

The game is now available for:
- Android
- iPhone/iPod Touch
- iPad
- Windows Store (Win32/x64/ARM Tablets & PCs)

Let us know what you think of it

Here are some more screenshots:

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