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The Earth is ones a peaceful planet, but since the discovery of life in Jupiter, everything seems to change. The exploration of Jupiter turned out to be different. Instead of a great discovery it resulted to a great war (digmaan). The Earth is close to destruction and the humans are already in the verge of loosing hope and giving up. But little do we know, there is a strong force that are still fighting for our freedom. They are called the "resistance". The resistance main force are made up of strong, intelligent and capable men that are committed to fight for Earth. These men came from different nations that are ones mortal enemies and now helping each other to fight for one reason. You have been given the chance to join the resistance. Fight, survive and free the Earth from the savage empire of Jupiter. Till the last drop of your blood! Till death you will fight for the freedom of the Earth and your love ones! The era of digmaan has just begun and its now all in your hands.

Digmaan is a game made in First-Person Shooter Creator, which always sets alarm bells ringing. It’s fixed-resolution, blocky, doesn’t like widescreen formats, and textures occasionally clip and overlap with one another. One time an enemy fell out of the game, and another time one got stuck in a wall. It’s an ugly, broken mess, carried by a story so flimsy it might as well not be there: the aliens are invading, and via some sort of unexplained teleportation and regeneration science you’re taking them on… while your army buddies stand around doing not very much at all.

But my goodness, there’s the basis of something good here. Your extra-terrestrial foes attack from a distance with pinpoint laser accuracy. At first I thought it was just awful game coding. I kind of still think that. But it works. This is a game where it only takes a hits of bullets to fell a foe, just as it only takes them a few shots to down you. It’s extremely rare to be able to get close enough to see an enemy in all its gruesome glory – most of the time, you’re crouching behind cover, sprinting from place to place, popping up every now and then to take a pot-shot in the hope of landing a bullet where it needs to go. You’ll die a lot, but you respawn nearby with the world as you left it, BioShock-style, so it never gets too frustrating (unless you completely run out of ammo, with no way of finding any more, which caused me to reload an earlier save a couple of times).

It’s hideously unpolished, in the way that all FPSC games are. But it’s also got more of a spark, more tension and atmosphere, than any I’ve played before.

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