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Default Minerducks Sanctuary (Pic Heavy)

Greetings Fellow Minecraftians

Welcome to the home of Minerduck

First of the post Shogun Era swamp shack japanese kinda style old brick work building, yes I have sort of covered off on every era I think! all are welcome to this cozy abode

Next we look upstairs, yes there is a balcony and a diving board WOOOT

Basement 1 (and 2) is home to the chicken pen, Emergency Escape Submarine and the Seed Bank

Sube Basement 3 is home to the Grand Tree project here rare tree's are grown allowing for hte repopulation of the planet

Located on Sub Basement 4 is the wonderous Life Farm, it is here that we cultivate a large from of wheat, sugar cane and most recently Pumpkins to enable the feeding of our population and continuation of the plants

Sub Basement 5 is the Retreat, it is here that I Minerduck retreat to for some much needed relacation, it was also here using a complicated cloning and cross polinisation gene splicing system that the sole Pumpkin seed was ale to be bread to the population our sever enjoys today. Similar success was also done in this very retreat with the melons.

Sub Basement 6 classified "Room beta 3" is of yet an unkown designation. It does however have access to a natural cave system.

Below Subbasement 6 is located the forge, it is here natural lava stream are found this has been contained and is presently used for heating and fuel. This also allows for access to the Skeleton Spawner and access to the Spider Spawner via Admiral's Tunnel System.

Sub Basement 7 known as the pit is as yet a un developed area

Thankyou for taking this journey with me
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