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Pros and Cons, eh? Tough question, there's so much there that needs to be weighed in.

Cons is the learning curve. It takes a lot of time to get into the better player ranks when playing Multiplayer. And even when you think you have got some skill, there's always someone who is going to spank you silly with some crazy kick-feint-overhead-cut while jumping.
Also, if you get mostly into the multiplayer, there are limited types of battle.

Pros are plenty. Once you get the hang of fighting, you will love it. The 1 on 1 fights, fighting 5 at a time, riding a horse and lancing unsuspecting musketeers in the head, cutting the horse archers down with a single poleaxe swing... countless grand moments for sure!
The community at the Aussie servers are pretty close, with few clans, all with different communities as well.

There's a lot more, but this one should give a taste of what is to expect.
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