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Hi guys,

My real name is Steel Caldwell, i have been apart of Battlefield from the beginning and also dable in WoW. A lot of my other favourite games are the Fallout series, Uplink and Darwinia, Metal Gear, HoMM series and the Neverwinter nights series and before to the Baldurs Gate.

I mainly play the PC but i also love my Gran Turismo on the PS3.

Grew up on a farm back home, left for retail in Harvey Norman, was the Tech expert until i left and joined the army where i was Infantry and then cross trained in Recon. I was apart of 7 RAR until i made the cut and was transferred to 3 RAR. That was where i sustained an injury shortly after and ended up being forced out.

I then went back into retail where i was promptly made redundant for a younger person, (less wages he had to pay) and now i run my own business called Specialist Onsite Solutions which is primarily centred round networking and server/storage solutions and customer PC building.

I used to be apart of a clan called =RFG= but they went under due to young inexperienced payers not showing up for scrims and etc. I was co-founder and also recruiter Eventually we shaped outr clan down to 12 people, all of which were over 35 years of age, most ex-army or currently serving.

I hope i can be given a chance to prove myself to you guys so i can be apart of a helpful, dynamic team that also loves to have fun - according to my housemate who is currently a member of yours that goes by the name of Deathdealer.

All in all, have a good one guys and i hope to see you round the severs....

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