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yeah... my problem is I work at home, so nobody to remind me to go take breaks and look away from the monitor, and often I'll be here from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed (in a mixture of work, reading forums and stuff, or gaming)... which isn't ideal

So I've been staring at the screen too long for the last few months (been busy with work, which involves working on webpages), and I think it's just overworked my eyes and not getting a chance to rest enough to compensate (I even had my eyes tested to check I didn't need glasses [I don't])... So I'm trying to give my eyes a break, so they can get back to normal... because it's got to the stage I can't properly focus on stuff that's far away and I have constant headaches and my eyes are sooooooo sore.

But.... I'll try to come in and watch (depending on how I am going) - and we need to have another event in a month or so, because I've been wanting to have a go!

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