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I'm pretty sure Rica is an Aussie not sure which servers he uses though, but I got a bit of a history staying up late with Aussies in World of Tanks, so I'm might be willing to put in some late hours on a non school night. Catch is I got college so don't stay up as late as I would like now a days, but found out yesterday I work way better in a group; my cousin and I cleaned house after finishing the co-op missions, learned a lot of 2 man tactics lol.

Did incredible as 2 man sniper team, and best of all running around in a tank. I used a proxy scanner and coaxial machine gun, and he spotted and called out where I needed to fire my canon to weed out infantry; the proxy kept us aware of those pesky support guys with c4, not to mention let him know if it was safe to hop out and patch up the tank while I engaged other tanks lol.
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