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Uncharted 3 is a rare masterpiece, wich is in a way sad because no other studio seems to be able to make something this amazing.
Uncharted 3 looks even better then uncharted 2 on top of that its in glorious 3D.
I am enjoying this on my 46" sony bravia in 3D and i can honestly say never has a game looked this good.
Every object popps out and comes to life, you swear that you can step into your tv and walk around the level.

Like the previous uncharted the game plays like your in a blockbuster action movie and you fall from the one awe inspiring moment into the next.
You think that Battlefield 3 on the PC has better graphics think again, Uncharted 3 is King of graphics.

Here is the first 10 minutes of the game don't worry it won't spoil anything, remember these are not fmv cutscenes its all in game.

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