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Default anyone else having this problem??

sry for bugging you all, but im having problems...

first,, i cant log onto TOG, well i can but takes about 30-40 min,
everytime i try i get the "thank you for logging in,,,,", then, sent back to the login page.
after awhile i can get in with shortcuts (kind of).

second,,, once i get in, i cant reply to private messages, due to the fact that it sends me back to the login page. hence, another 40 min to post, (i dont post much due to this fact).

not sure when, but about 2-3 years ago, i asked grendel to look into this for me, (thought he was a mod back in the day, i could be wrong tho) and never got a reply back.

now that old republic is about to be released, i joined the TOG guild, ( after about a week of trying to log in). had a private message from Kahateni about the guild,, i cannot respond.

a bit frustrating, to say the least,,,

stories, comments, anyone???
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