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Default The latest Minecraft snapshot

Okay, I think we need a separate thread for Minecraft development snapshots. Unless the Division's admins decide otherwise, we will not be updating the TOG servers to snapshots simply because the mods we use only get updated to full releases (and the snapshots are more prone to bugs than full releases).

Jens has released the latest:
* Client
* Server

The description is at Minecraft Development Snapshot Week 49

The major changes are:
  • Sheep eat grass and regain their wool
  • Farmland is no longer destroyed by items and particles (haha, lol…)
  • Added a “spawn mob” egg item to creative mode
  • Corrected a setTileEntity multiplayer bug
  • Corrected a powered rail bug
  • Corrected a redstone update bug
The multi-language project is still in progress but elements of it have been added.


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