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Hey guys cant wait to met up in game. My characters name is Kielen Dres. Ive set up a combat only character with Nav 10 and most of the "support skills" to 5. Havent boosted my weapon or race skills yet as I'm waiting for more info on whats actually useful to a corp.

Ive currently been using the Theodelica(sp?) bots.. aka Yellowbots it seems. I used Projectiles in EVE and Missiles in the Perp Beta so I thought id give the lazers a go.

Most guides seem to suggest aiming for the light ECM bots. Which ones are best? Perhaps there is something else you can all recommend I train for (still got 30ishk to spend on extensions)

Also still need the TS3 password (someone gave me the server name already)

edit: is this even in the right place? learning new bb's on a tiny resolution is complete failure

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