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Exclamation Frontier - conventions of the new survival-based world for TOG

The world of Frontier was started tonight with many bold builders, explorers, hunters, miners and farmers journeying there. This thread is not for its history. It is to remind people of the conventions of play on this world.

Firstly, abide by the TOG Code of Conduct and play fair. Respect the other players. Also pay attention to the TOG Minecraft Division Code of Conduct, which will expand on many of the points made in this thread. If you are ever unsure whether you should do something, as an admin or moderator in-game, in the forum or via PM.

Firstly the settings for Frontier:
  • Survival-mode: Players do not have any option to change to Creative-mode. Admins will only do so for Admin purposes.
  • Difficulty=2 (Normal): Hunger will reduce players to half a heart health. Monsters are nasty.
  • Mobs = all animals and monsters
  • No items will be spawned except for admin purposes.
  • Border=3000x3000 (for now)
  • Player-vs-Player=on, but that *does not* mean that that all play is PvP (see below).
  • All players can teleport to spawn, their bed and other players, with /tp spawn, /tp home and /tp PLAYERNAME. However, there is a warmup period of a number of seconds, so it is not an easy escape from a battle.
  • No flying with client mods allowed
As to gameplay:
  • PvP being on means no more than players may be injured by being struck by other players, ie. friendly fire. However, only strike those who are willing to combat. Surprise ninja attacks on those who aren't willing to fight will be regarded as griefing. Taking ownership of a dead player's belongings/XP is something to settle between you and the player. If there is disagreement, the dead player's wishes win.
  • Do not alter or vandalise each other's constructions
  • Chests are private property. If it's not yours, don't take it.
  • If someone has bothered to fence in livestock or grow wheat, then the the farm is private property, so don't touch it.
  • If you do not follow the above three points, by accident or design, tell an Admin, Mod, the player or the forum about it and try to fix it. Owning up is a lot better than being chucked out for griefing, which is what your actions may be considered to be.
  • Players can construct any traps etc they like within their own buildings/sites. These traps can target mobs or players, but out of courtesy, I would consider it polite if signs saying "Warning! Dangers lurk within" or something similar are placed somewhere visible (perhaps at the entrance to the entire construction). Players do not have to say *where* the dangers are or what they are.
  • If you wish to teleport to a player, give them warning so you don't push them somewhere dangerous.
  • As best as you can, treat this as a family friendly server as some children will be playing.
  • The use of the teleporting is up to the individual player, and is not an expectation.
Specifically for Frontier
  • Claims: Unlike Sanctuary, players are not expected to make claims to lands. However, it is still a good idea to indicate on the world where you wish to work, using torches, fences, signs and small constructions. Remember to respect your neighbours and their style with your own work. If you think your work will impede on their theme or landspace, e.g a tunnel underneath or a road over it, then talk it over first.
  • Strongholds and NPC villages: These are community property and are not to be mined or have major changes without the consent of the Division.
  • Abandoned mines and creature spawns: These can be mined by individuals.
  • The Nether: Players can build and mine this however they like, but the above conventions still hold.
  • The End: Depending on how regularly the Enderdragon is defeated, we might have to make a weekly refresh of the End, so I doubt there is any point in building there. However, it can be mined.
Hope that is clear. If not, speak up!

Have fun storming the Frontier!

Minecraft Division Captain

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