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Hello all,

I kept meaning to look for a pen and paper place in the forums, since it seems that most of the folks I see applying to play with TOG have a background in the old pen and paper realm. I currently play once a week-ish (depending on schedules and such) with a group that use the MapTool virtual tabletop (it's free, and very well supported) and a Ventrillo client to play a homebrew Savage Worlds campaign. Being able to play online means that as long as the hours we play are compatible with your schedule, you can play a pen and paper campaign!

We generally play on Thursday evenings from about 6PM until sometimes as late as midnight/1AM PST (which makes it begin Friday mornings for me here in South Korea). In any case, the adventure logs (which I've been writing for over a year now), as well as more information about the campaign (including who to contact, and how to join if you are interested) is located here: Shades of Shadora | Obsidian Portal.

If you have questions about MapTool, I can point you in the right direction, but I've not had much experience with anything other than the user/player aspect...

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