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Oh, my project is off to a slow start as well, and I won't be rushing it like I did one World4. I didn't end up near you, Marvel. Nothing I found on the tour of that ocean topped the mountain I found near spawn for all of the qualities I was looking for....overhand on the ocean, low enough to build very tall spires (< 90 at the top), flat spot nearby for a farm, etc. The harbor was just a bonus.

I did manage to travel around that ocean (except for the spot that I hit the boundary), so the SW ocean shores will be mapped at least, next Sunday.

After I finally settled on where I was, and set up my markers, the map came out and I saw that there were many other mountains that might be suitable, but I ended up keeping the one I some ways, its nice to be closer to spawn....I may eventually build a road to spawn, and my little harbor might make a nice launch point for intrepid explorers.
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