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Default TOG Console Division Member List

The TOG Console Division member list.

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to this years repository of Gamer Tags, ID's and codes.

Each year we start the list a new so as to keep the records up to date and to have a better idea of the "currently available" players to call upon for online frivolity.

If you still need some info from the 2010 list, it can be found here.
If you still need some info from the 2011 list, it can be found here.

2012 is claimed by some to be the end of civilization as we know it ... so lets get as much gaming in as possible before the end!

To have your details added to the list please post up your information in the following format:
(Cut and past this into your post ... saves on all that typing!

Region of the world I live in:
My Playstation PSN ID:
My Wii Code:
Preferred game genre:
Gaming style:
Favourite game character of all time:
Least Favourite game character of all time:
If I could get just one past game re-made and re-mastered, it would be:
Currently Playing Online:
(Use my post as a guide, found here)

*Please Note* - This list is in the Public section of the TOG forums. Non members will be able to see the details posted here.

Any questions, please PM the Division Captain or any of the Squad leaders.

TOG Member
XBL Gamer Tag
Wii Code
Pure MongrelMongrel_56Pure Mongrel8483 7863 6795 2458AUSDivision Vice Captain
DarkMellieDarkMellie DarkMellie AUS 
Nerran Lourelite AUS 
GeorgeGeorge6r4  UAERetired Division Captain
GiantDave7  GiantDave7 AUS 
mcdMagix  HawtPanda AUS 
exploit exploit44expl0it0844 0091 7078 8198AUS 
Chief Trent_Steele  AUS 
twodogs drunclexxxx AUS 
Thwackerty51 Thwackerty51 UK 
Ancient_OneAncient_One  AUS PS3 Squad Leader
MeOnFireMeOnFire  AUS 
clickclickaus  AUSRetired PS3 Squad Leader
Blazia Angstlust CAN
EvilDSpazzyRoboSpazzyRobo UK 
CadderCadder_au  AUS Division Captain
ScymanThirtyNDirty ThirtyNDirty  CAN 
anisbet87anisbet87  AUS 
GrimmCopperHeadZedCopperHeadZed AUS 
Sysmon Sysmon NZ 
razalomRazalomRazalom AUS 
ZeigfriedOfeigrTH0R 0dinson AUS 
GryphorusGryphorus  AUS 


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