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Region of the world I live in: NSW Australia
My Playstation PSN ID: N/A

My XBOX XBL Tag: Lourelite
My Wii Code: N/A
Preferred game genre: RPG, FPS, Sport
Gaming style: Varies
Favourite game character of all time: Everquest Chick
Least Favourite game character of all time: Mario
If I could get just one past game re-made and re-mastered, it would be: Daggerfall
Currently Playing Online: BF3

P.S I am really keen to get involved with some organised TOG BF3 squad, and team play. If someone could direct me where to go for that I would be most appreciative. Logging into random servers to watch 15 year olds drive off in my tank while I am switched to light machine gun is getting really old!

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