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Default The Sanctuary engine now has /warp capability

The final major component of Sanctuary has now been added - warppoints! The /warp command is now useable on Sanctuary to set, delete, use, share, list and search for warppoints. The /warp help command will show you some of the possible commands, but the basic ones are listed below.
  • /warp POINTNAME - teleport to POINTNAME
  • /warp create POINTNAME - create a public warppoint called POINTNAME at your present location
  • /warp createp POINTNAME - create a private warppoint
  • /warp createg POINTNAME - create a global warppoint
  • /warp list - list known warppoints that you can travel to
  • /warp listed POINTNAME yes - add a public/global WARPPOINT to everyone's list
  • /warp delete POINTNAME - remove a warppoint
  • /warp search SEARCHTERM - search the list for warppoints related to SEARCHTERM
The convention used in this Division is to precede all your warppoint names with your own name or a suitable abbreviation, e.g. sorontar.castle . Therefore, please do not set warppoints called just home, top, tower or trap.

If a warppoint is public or global, anyone can use it. If it is private, only those you have invited to use it, can use it. Only those warppoints that you have listed will show up on a list or in a search. Players can use warppoints even if they aren't visible on their list. The status of warppoints can be changed. Moderators and Admins can see all warppoints.

Please note that each player is restricted in how many public and private warppoints they can set. The present limit is 10 public and 10 private. These limits can be reviewed if need be.

The relevant mod (xWarp for those who are interested) isn't without faults (e.g. the listed bit), but it is pretty much what we used to use on the Creative server (not surprising since it is based on the same code).

So what can I say but .... engage!


ps. No, this will not be added to Frontier.

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