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Question 2012 Clans, groups and teams?

Greetings fellow console TOGers and welcome to 2012.

So we can better help TOGers hook up online we need to know what games you think need a TOG clan, squad or team.

Once we have a better idea what is being played (or will be played) in 2012, we can start setting up player lists and events.

Games that have been a big hit in the past:

Burnout Paradise - PS3
MW, MW2 and Black ops - PS3 / XBOX
MAG - PS3 (Raven Squad FTW! )
Tiger Woods Golf (Old Skool, you ready to hit the greens again? ) - XBOX
Halo-Reach (XBOX)

Current games that need a TOG group?

MW3 - PS3 / XBOX
BF3 - PS3 / XBOX
Forza 4 - XBOX
GT5 - PS3

I for one am looking forward to joining TOGers online for some BF3 or Forza 4 (XBOX).
(MAG still going? Would love to play that again ... oh and some golf would rock too!)

So go hard gamers! List the games you want to play with fellow TOG mates (please include console of choice) and we will do our best to make your 2012 a year of gaming goodness!

Feel free to add games yet to be released in 2012 you are looking forward to.
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