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The monster trap is functional but still well below operation level; its about 30% done now. So it is making some materials have gotten a full stack of each so far in the little bit I've used it.

So now that I have a little bit of stone to work with I have started on my main house. Its a little NE of spawn in the swamp I haven't seen any signs of anyone else work over here, and during the load lag several times running to my corpse I haven't seen anything underground either. So I don't think I'm on top of anyone.

I have most my outer wall frame spaced out and on the ground..its already looking a bit larger than I might have usual >.<;;

If you head over in that area it should be fairly obvious, but the middle 'interior' space is still quite open between the walls. I do plan on building something in the middle after I get the outer ring structure done. So I hope noone takes up shop in this space now. It should be fairly visible on the next map update I hope.

edit: up in this area:
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