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Default An idea for Australia Day

I have been thinking about an event to run on Australia Day (Jan 26). It is a Thursday, but it is a public holiday in Australia and I think it would be a good excuse for a Minecraft event. I haven't worked out much, so tell me what you think.

It would be an event on Frontier to make the most of the dangers facing the European colonists who landed near Sydney on this date. It would run all day and be a challenge, where each participant would be given a list of tasks to complete. Each task will be given a score, so if anyone wants to be super competitive, they can measure how well they completed the challenge compared to others.

Each participant will also be given a starting set of items which they will place in an empty inventory. These items will include:
  • a in-game map showing a place on Frontier
  • three cloth blocks
  • some fish and zombie meat
  • a metal pick and axe
  • bow and arrows
  • some torches
  • a boat
The idea is that you need to find the mapped place on the bigger world map and 'sail' there on your boat. Once there, you can set about completing the tasks.

The tasks:
  1. Tall ships - Travel to the colonisation site
  2. Settlement - Make and place a bed and place a sign with your name on it
  3. Aboriginal art - Make a 10x10 wall piece of art using stone, yellow and red wool (bonus points if you use sand or netherak instead of wool)
  4. Farming - Grow and maintain 10+ wheat plants
  5. Cattle industry - Fence in 5+ cows (can be bred)
  6. Sheep industry - Fence in 5+ sheep (can be bred, bonus points for each colour - multiculturism)
  7. Dropbear - Fence in and protect a zombie
  8. Bunyip - Fence in and protect a creeper
I am having trouble trying to think of more tasks. They need to be loosely associated with Australia, but only in a nice way. Any ideas? Some Aussie things we might be able to use are the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House, Victorian Arts Centre Spire, gold rush, sport.


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