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Originally Posted by Manuzza View Post
Aussie BBQ - Have pork, beef and chicken all cooking at the same time while standing around with 1 other person holding bread.
I like that idea. Maybe:

  • BBQ - Cook 5 pork, 5 beef and 5 chickens. Make 5 bread (bonus points if you store them in a dispenser).

Your other ideas, whilst funny aren't quite what I am after. Though in a similar vein,

  • Public Transport - Construct a train line to another person's bed, but don't make any minecarts.

More seriously,

  • China and back - dig a hole to bedrock and supply some means of travelling there and back safely, e.g. ladder, minecarts, portals
  • Redback on the dunny - Capture a spider in a building.
  • Home among the gumtrees - make a building that has a verandah/porch with a chair on it, a rotary clothesline, and is surrounded by trees.


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