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World of Tanks
Do not kid yourself this game is not for free, In order to be an effective player on the battle field (other than being cannon fodder) you will have to pay and pay in fact after accomplishing the rudimentary basics of the game and the first two to three levels you will be nothing more than filling up empty spots in the server for the paying player’s to use as target practice, I am not against paying for a game, I have paid WoT until I felt I had paid enough, the measurement I use is the same amount of money I would have paid to own the game after that what’s the point, because I can play the game I own to the best the game has to offer over and over and even play in a multiplayer game without continually paying to play, no thanks.
Whilst I appreciate that everyone has an opinion, and I emphasize opinion, we are also gifted with choice. We can play or not. We can pay or not. That is a choice for the individual and a fail to see the necessity of repeating yourself.

It can only be a factual statement if it is backed up by evidence therefore i would suggest that your statement is only opinion. I welcome your opinion but I do not necessarily agree with it.

Isn't democracy great!!!!!!

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