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Hello again.

I am 75% sure that I have found it. An old game expert suggested looking in old catalogs and I found this page in a 1975 catalog:

It's called Shock Tower, the description under the picture says:

"Race against time as each player tries to stack letters on 3 of the pillars, one at a time, until they reach top of tower and spell out S-H-O-C-K ... all in 60 seconds! If you fail, everything knocks down by means of a shock vibrator in the base and you begin again. High impact plastic tower"

Here is an ebay listing with more pictures.

Is this it?
wow - rep to you

Thanks so much

this game was sooooooo much fun as a kid. hopefully I can get it for my kids.

Don't tell anyone but I used to stop the clock as it was near impossible to do in 60 sec.....
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