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Region of the world I live in: Geelong, Australia
My Playstation PSN ID: MeOnFire
My Wii Code:
Preferred game genre: hmmm too hard to choose, I play em all.. :P
Gaming style: Addicted
Favourite game character of all time: Johny Pow from Twisted the game show on the 3DO, or Rick dangerous
Least Favourite game character of all time: hmmm hard one the only thing I can come up with atm is the Birds from Angry Birds. I gotta turn the sounds off to play it :P hehe
If I could get just one past game re-made and re-mastered, it would be: Time splitters 1 or 2
Currently Playing Online: Not a Console game actualy :P but Swtor
Raptr: MeOnFire
PSN: MeOnFire XBL: xMeOnFirEx
WiiU: MeOnFire Steam: meonfre
Origin: SoulSetFire
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