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Default Battlefield 3: WolfPack vs TOG 32 vs 32

WolfPack high command communiqué

To: The Older Gamers - Battlefield 3 division.
From: WolfPack high command

Subject: Battlefield 3: WolfPack vs TOG 32 vs 32 - scrim.

WolfPack proposes a 32 vs 32 Battlefield 3 scrim

Time: Saturday 25th February at 19:00 hrs Sydney time.
Server: WolfPack 64 player - can be found on the day.
Scrim conditions:
* Gulf of Oman - WolfPack plays attacking (US) first round
* A round is only a win if the enemy is defeated
* In case of server crash the scrim will be called null and void.
* The outcome of the game can be "Win", "Loss" or "Tie" (since we are only playing 2 rounds)
* additional conditions may be added when discussions are complete with TOG


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