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Forum post received on WolfPack's website.

Please clairfy what you mean by no restrictions on all unlocks - if you mean "what ever anyone has unlocked stays available" - we are of the same view - what ever means are at your disposal, you can use.

We ask that no base whoring is performed

In your message on our forums you specified January - but the challenge is for Feb - can you confirm you understand this.

Feb 25th at 19:00hr Sydney time (with a kick off time of roughly 19:30 - 64 players does not just magically work their is always problems)

The expected duration of the game is up to 1 hour (roughly speaking)

My battle log name is the same as my TOG forum name

I will reconfirm the Battle on or about the 20th of this month.

Please remember - as per the initial challenge - its Win, Loss or Tie - not ticket count at end.

See you in a few weeks
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