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Section 2 - "Frontier world" rules & information

  • All play is in Survival mode
  • Land claims are not expected
  • NPC villages and strongholds are community property and not to be largely altered
  • PVP-gameplay is not allowed
  • PVP-damage does not mean PVP combat is allowed by default
  • PVP-traps are allowed but be polite

"Frontier" is a world that offers players all the challenges involved in Minecraft. Resources have to be earned through mining and hard work, starvation and monster mobs have to be coped with and players will always have to play in Survival mode. However, in addition to the General rules of gameplay, there are certain rules and guidelines that are specific to the Frontier world.

All play is in Survival mode

All players must remain in Survival mode when playing. No flying or item spawning is allowed. The only exceptions are for Administrators solely for administration purposes.

Land claims are not expected

Players need not announce to the forum where they wish to mine or construct on Frontier. As a result, players may wish to build over, under or into the same area as each other. It is expected that players negotiate with others in the community before starting such work. If there are issues, contact a moderator or administrator. Note that there is nothing stopping players posting a claim on the forum, but it is not expected. Otherwise, it is recommended that suitable signage be placed on your constructions so that others know who to contact.

NPC villages and strongholds are community property and not to be largely altered

No major changes can be made to NPC villages or strongholds without the approval of the community. These structures are not normally expected to be within a player's claimed land. Villages can be "tidied" but the same buildings, doors and farms must exist. Paths and decorations can be altered or added but the same degree of accessibility must remain to all the NPCs and other players. Walls and roofs must remain as similar materials (but you can change for different woods). No mining or traps may be built within the village.

PVP-gameplay is not allowed

As per the general rules, gameplay is not intended to be competitive. Respect other players, their constructions and their property. Thievery and vandalism is regarded as griefing. However, as indicated by other rules in this section, some PVP-like behaviour is sometimes allowed.

PVP-damage does not mean PVP combat is allowed by default

The server is set with PVP damage being active. This does not mean that PVP combat is allowed by default (see the General rules). However players can battle each other if both consent or it is part of a combat event. In the future a mod may be added to change this to a toggable state for each player.

PVP-traps are allowed but be polite

Unlike other servers, players can set up traps and mechanisms that injure or trap other players, e.g. flooding corridors, opening trapdoors. However, it is regarded as polite to indicate somewhere visible on the construction that there are dangers inside, e.g. a sign at the entrance saying "Warning! Dangers lurk within". The signage need not be explicit about the location or form of the danger.

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