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Medal of Honor 2 could be unveiled next month according to a new rumour in a UK magazine.

The latest issue of PSM3 is touting details of "a mystery shooter sequel" in its next issue, which launches on 6 March. It will feature "an exclusive look at one of 2012's hottest shooters," reads the page.

The image just comprises two bullets, suggesting the second in a series - the only recently-rumoured shooter that fits the bill is the reboot of Medal of Honor, a sequel to which is widely expected to go up against Call of Duty in the absence of another Battlefield game this year.

Call of Duty's 2012 outing could be a second Black Ops title, but Activision has no tradition of magazine exclusive CoD reveals - and usually announces new games in the franchise later in the year.

Danger Close could be working on a Frostbite 2.0-powered sequel to 2010's Medal of Honor, according to job postings.

Troubled UK retailer Game recently confirmed EA's plans for new Medal of Honor and Need for Speed games in 2012.

More when we get it, but look out for an announcement before 6 March.
SOURCE Medal Of Honor 2 Set For Reveal - Rumour - NowGamer
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